Goal Design

Design Challenge: Help a classmate achieve a goal.

Isaiah made a goal to read his scriptures every day. To help him accomplish this goal I first created a toothbrush lockbox. In order for Isaiah to be able to brush his teeth every day, he needed to first read his scriptures. While Isaiah liked this idea, the lockbox didn’t fit in the cabinet where Isaiah stores his toothbrush, so he didn’t use it. For my second attempt, I created a reward system that involved using a box with individual slots for each day of the week. At the beginning of the week, $1 would be put into each day’s slot. For every day that Isaiah reads his scriptures he places the $1 into another slot designated as his “going out to eat fund,” however, if Isaiah fails to read his scriptures, he must put the $1 into a different slot designated as a “buy treats for the class” fund.

Design Challenge 1